PUBG Mobile addiction lands adult in hospital after accidentally drinking acid

PUBG Mobile :addiction lands adult in hospital after accidentally drinking acid

PUBG Mobile has proven as the powerhouse of Tencent for increasing online gaming among smartphone users and for revenue generation. Great power comes with great power, so manufacturers of PUBG Mobile have decided to respond to all criticism and negative pressures over the past few months.

PUBG Mobile's success is not without a great deal. Seeking strict rules for controlling the game from prohibited students and young adults, prohibiting ban on popular wars from Royal Appeal in Royal Queensland. But the acute reaction Tencent games haunted while reporting PUBG addiction associated with suicide and mental health problems.

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PUBG Mobile addiction lands adult

Even Tensent is working with new steps to encourage a healthy gaming environment, even PUBG addiction has dropped a dark shadow on India's popular game in another game. A 25-year-old man was so mad at playing PUBG Mobile that he drank acid bottles for water. As a result, he was taken to hospital for life-saving surgery.

PUBG Mobile addiction lands adult

  "The accident took place almost a month ago, he was playing PUBG in his premises, a bottle of acid was kept near, he was agitated at the game, he accidentally drank acid for water, his condition worsened and he was thrown out by his family members in Nagpur, "Dr. Manan Gogia, who has talked to a medical doctor, he said.

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The person, whose identity is not disclosed on family request, suffers from obstruction of gastric outlet and loses 5-6 kg within a few days. But the doctor said that the experience of the living could not put him away from the game because he got the game while playing in the hospital. The victim's condition has improved and the danger is out.

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PUBG Mobile hospital after accidentally drinking acid

But such incidents show that video addiction can be dangerous. PUBG developers have released a new feature that applies a digital lock to the game for kids, which can only be unlocked by the guardian. This feature is now available for India and it will never reach India. It is not clear.

PUBG Mobile hospital after accidentally drinking acid

 Pubg addiction cases have been reported in large numbers only in India. In late 2013, more than 120 cases were registered in the Healthy Use Technology (SHUT) clinics of the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHS) due to PUBG addiction. His parents refused to buy him high quality. Play PUBG Mobile Phone.