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Chanakya Exit Poll Results from 2019 India LIVE updates


Chanakya Exit Poll Results from 2019 India LIVE updates: Pollsters to release projections after 6 pm once voting concludes in 59 seats.

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Chanakya Exit Poll Results 2019 India
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 Chanakya Exit Poll Results from 2019 India Last Update: After the end of the voting in the Lok Sabha elections in the year 2019, the forecasts are being published after six weeks of today. All exit polls in 2014 predicted that Narendra Modi-led NDA would be the single largest alliance. However, they failed to predict the scale and severity of the victory. They did not just evaluate the BJP lesser, but also evaluated the seat for Congress-led UPA.



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Among the six main election candidates in 2014, News24-Chanquia proved to be the most accurate. News 24-Chakkiya poll has declared NDA’s 340 seats, winning 336 seats in the alliance. India TV-C voter exit polls also gave a general majority for 289 seats in the NDA. The other two exit polls – India Today-Cicero and CNN-IBN CSDS – also gave the maximum number of seats in the NDA. However, their length was only less than half the mark of 272. At the NDA, India Today-Cişorro gave at least 261 seats (additional or 11 seats) in the exit, CNN-IBN-CSDS polled the minimum 270 seats. On the other hand, the exit poll predicted the defeat of the UPA but the scale of the defeat failed to predict.

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In fact, Times Now-ORG India‘s exit polls predicted 148 seats for the UPA. ABP News-Nielsen Congress got 97 seats in the alliance, but News24-Chandakia gave just 70 seats. Finally, the Congress won 44 seats in parliament.

How accurate are exit polls?

Exit polls have not always been accurate as they are based on information shared by voters soon after they cast their votes on the assumption that they are telling the truth. However, they present some sort of picture on who’s placed where ahead of the counting of votes on 23 May. Pollsters will attempt to answer questions like which state voted for whom or who will come to power or whether Narendra Modi will return as the prime minister for the second consecutive term or how well did TMC fared in these elections in comparison to challenger BJP. However, all of these analyses are only predictions and estimate how the country’s electorate has voted.


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