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Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friends


 Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friends

During the celebration of the birthday, party, eat cake and dance on the floor! It’s the best time to work as a child once. For me, I’m in a birthday party where birthdays are not related to a boy or girl, they and their friends still wear birthday caps, share a funny joke, and engage with some fun acrobatics, of course, do everything to make a fool. Themselves! But as long as you are kidding and enjoying, what is the matter? There is no right? When best friends want to wish each other’s happy birthday, they laugh.
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Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friends

Everyone is a different kind of humor, but if you know your friend, you know that they laugh to laugh.

Better ways to make a friendship day, they are laughing at their age, and they can not do anything about it?  

 Best Friends Funny Birthday Wishes  

Best Friends Funny Birthday Wishes

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  • Some people take a shot for every year to become alive but I do not recommend it for you. At your AE, you may have an ant with a barrel and still can not make it. 
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  •  I got you a walker this year. I thought it was less humiliating than a wheelchair, which I would be getting you next year. Wine Some things, like wine and cheese, get better with age. However, you are either a rock or a rose: you stay the same or you just rub. 

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birthday funny wishes   

  •  Congratulations- you are old now that you were a purse, you are not vintage, but a classic considered. 
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  •  You are like your birthday candle: small and quick living life.
  •  Happy Birthday I could have sat in your presence in the car so now it will smell like you: an old wind 😀 21 birthday wishes.

  •  They say this is your birthday and you are now one year old. There is some wine to reduce the blow.
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  • You have officially made it through another year of your life without killing someone.
  •  I am fascinated and undoubtedly surprised. See Bright Bright: Now you can get AARP magazines such as your parents and grandparents in your mailbox. 
  • 😀 You may not be able to play soccer, but donkeys in Duncan’s house get the discount of senior citizens.
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funny birthday wishes for best friend female   

  • 😀 Does not it feel as old as you? I do not know because I’m two years younger than you.
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  • Before knowing it, people will say to you before the age of beauty and will have meaning in front of you.

  •  Clarks will feel embarrassed on your card because it is clear that you are not young. 
  •  Do you think you will now look like a weird old man when you go to a rock concert?
best friend funny birthday wishes   
  •  😀 One more year, and one more thing that snaps, cracks and pops that are not your cereal but your part. Your birthday wishes and messages for your wife 😀 They said that you have not yet received the best gifts. 
  • Now considering how many years you have, it is still hard to believe that you have no gifts. 😀 Now people will provide their seats to you on the subway and you will also be able to help you on the road without even asking before.
  •  😀 This year we have to make a big cake to fit all your candles. happy birthday, friend!
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best friend funny birthday wishes   

  • The bright side is that you are not as old as you are next year. Enjoy your day Er They get older to say you get wise. 
  • You must be as smart as Einstein now! You have a lot of birthday candles on your cake which we need to lighten and they all will burn.
  •  happy Birthday! Hill see how? I obviously need to see the glasses to see. Getting Growth Growing Up is not to worry about cutting your hair because you have no left. 
  •  I have 911 Speed Dial to lighten my candle. It’s going to get quite hot here Happy Birthday is my best friend! 😀 Birthday is like earwax. 
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  • You have more to hear it harder. happy Birthday! 
  •  You are too old to stop buying Super Shampoo bottles. 
  • You probably do not have to be long enough to finish the next one. Sorry for breaking the news to you, but the age is not just a number. This is a death sentence. happy Birthday! 
  •  We are going to throw you a wonderful party, but we did not want to give you a heart attack. What was the dynamics of the dinosaurs in the world? 
  • 😀 You know you’re my best friend How young was healthy, healthy and strong, did you remember it long ago? happy Birthday!
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funny happy birthday status for best friend

  • We have already called the fire department. It’s safe to light your candle. 😀 You are about one year old and one year old and near toothless.

😀 Birthday Wishes and Messages for your Wife 

 Happy Birthday is my best friend! Smile, when you still have my teeth, you know what still laughing when you can still move and laugh when you dance. 😀 If you think you’re looking older, imagine what you will see in ten years!

 funny birthday wishes for best friend male   

  • They said that you still do not have the best birthdays. happy Birthday! 
  • 😀 I am funny, smart and beautiful in both of us. You are just an old one. 
  • 😀 I thought you were getting flowers on your birthday, but I brought you some nursing home brochures instead. 
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sarcastic birthday wishes   

  • I think they will be more useful. We did not want to spend time lighting all the candles so we just tease a push. Make a wish! 😀 I will always be your best friend, so do not worry. 
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  • I’ll be around when I forget. happy Birthday! Age comes with age when they come to knowledge. You will be my most wise man. 
  •  I wish you a big enough cake to fit all of your candles. Enjoy your birthday

  • Do not worry we’ll pitch this year and help to blow up your candles.
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cute birthday message for best friend   
  •  We do not want to burn the house. As you work only as you are old You should stop playing your age.
  •  Happy Birthday is my best friend! L You’re going to start the recovery 😀 Your candles are outdated at a higher price than your cake. 
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  •  Now do not have to worry about keeping your birthday secret. You forgot them before you blow candles! 😀 All the compliance when you are in your life is followed “for your age”. 
  •  You are old enough to start your hair color from a bottle. 
  • George George Washington when was the president? Enjoy your birthday 😀 You are so old that your date of birth is going to be in the history books next year.

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  • 😀 This year I have decided to give you a gift certificate for the hearing. 
  • Believe me, you have to use it! Have a beautiful birthday! 😀 Just one number of age, attitude is everything. 
  • happy Birthday! You are as old as you are old and as old as you think. Happy Birthday is my best friend!


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