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Mr Majnu Movie Review:Mr Majnu Movie , Akhil Akkineni shines in Venky film but not bright enough


Mr Majnu Movie Review:Mr Majnu Movie , Akhil Akkineni shines in Venky film but not bright enough

Mr Majnu Movie Review: After two underwhelming Movie, Akhil Akkineni desperately needful a hit to cement himself in Tollywood. But with his latest release Mr Majnu, he has missed the mark yet again, Saw our review.

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Mr Majnu Movie Review

Mr Majnu Movie Review: Akhil, being an Akkineni sucker, has to deal with a lot of compression to deliver hit films just like his father Nagarjuna and his grandfather Akkineni Nageswara Rao did. While the family name gives you a jumpstart in Tollywood, one necessarily to prove himself valuable in order to come a star. Three-film-old Akhil is still finding his footing in Tollywood and one needs to give him time to figure out where he suitable in.

With his latest release Mr Majnu, he is something close to becoming a star, but still has a long away to go. Director Venky Atluri, who rosehead to fame with the endearing love story Tholi Prema, takes the same route with Mr Majnu. But, this time, he misses the target by a huge margin.

Mr Majnu starts off with Vicky’s (Akhil Akkineni) skill to impress women Mr Majnu Movie

Mr Majnu Movie|with upright a ‘wink’. He’s a Casanova who is ready to give up anything for his family. One day, Vicky intercept Nikki (yes, the title rhyme with each other) and tries to flirt with her. Nikki lusts after Vicky, but as days pass by, she realises that there is more to him than just his looks and falls for him. Will the Casanova agree to come a typical boyfriend? The rest of the history deals with Vicky and Nikki’s complex relationship.

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Mr Majnu has a hazard of problematic divide and they poverty to be addressed. Nikki is a girl of marriable age but watches Cinderella and believes that her sovereign will come for her. When she institute love in Vicky, she lays down prescription that he shouldn’t even examine at girls nor should he sleep about anything. The film also propagates the idea that it is satifactory to give up one’s individuality just so their confederate wouldn’t perceive offend.

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 In a scene, Vicky says he wants to look after his family business and Nikki shoots down his idea asking whether he doesn’t have any individuality to find a job on his own. Cut to their dating days, she is a paranoid woman who would let Vikki decide neither his clothes nor the hairstyle he defect. The viewer is sinistral admiration where the lessons on ‘individuality’ went.

There are many segments in Mr Majnu that are contrariety. Perhaps if Venky had done away with such inconsistencies, he’d have a conqueror in hand. At the same opportunity, there are a few sequences in the film that are well-scriptory. For example, Nikki shatter up with Vicky in front of the two families. But no one inquiry either Vicky or Nikki and lets them deal with their relationship like any adult couple would do.Some of the rememberable moments in Mr Majnu are with Priyadarshi and Hyper Aadhi on screen. Priyadarshi plays Chitti, a character who gets a pounding for each abide that Vicky final. On the other hand, Aadhi is the head of a piracy website called Hyderabad Rockers and Venky makes a derision of the famous TamilRockers. If only such sequences were written throughout the film!


Akhil Akkineni is the perfect choice to play a Casanova on protect, courtesy his good face. He has improved a accident in personation and looks quite comfortable in front of the camera. The one property we can make out in Mr Majnu is how comfortable Akhil is when he is Terpsichore.

But Nidhhi Agerwal has a long procession to go. Her achievement is away too underwhelming. Considering that she had such a meaty party to trifle in the film, her acting should have been convincing enough.

MR MAJNU MOVIE: This Is What Professionals Do

SS Thaman’s chime and George William’s camerawork are simply two of the best aspects of Mr Majnu.

After two underwhelming films, Akhil Akkineni desperately needed a hit to cement himself in Tollywood.

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But with his latest release Mr Majnu, he has missed the mark yet again, says our review.
2.5 out of 5 stars for Mr Majnu.


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