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Nipah virus in kerala 2019 Nipah virus strike again

nipah virus
Kerala in panic as doubts of Nipah virus strike again

Nipah virus in kerala 2019 \ panic as doubts of Nipah virus strike again


nipah virus
Kerala in panic as doubts of Nipah virus strike again


  • Kerala is bracing to tackle any emergency health crisis
    Nipah virus had claimed 17 lives in Kerala last year

The development of the worst health crisis in Kerala – the progress of the Nipah virus in 2018 – Ten days back, a person admitted to the positively tested examination, admitted to Enkulam (Kochi) hospital, Health Minister K.K. Shilja said. The disease is still not confirmed, he said, the government is waiting for confirmation from the re-based viralogy Institute.

This news has created concern for the state, where the virus – 70% of its death rate and no vaccine and can spread through human-human infections – last year claimed 17 lives, among which patients treated a nurse with patients.

The Health Minister, who appeared before the newspaper on Monday, gave a sense that the state is working hard to deal with the crisis. He admitted that he did not meet journalists in relation to the same symptoms, initially Nipah was suspected, but he became negative in the final results.

Kerala in panic as doubts of Nipah virus strike again

He said the young man was admitted to Kochi Hospital in the last 10 days. The minister said the government of three different districts of Ernakulam, Kozhikode and Thrissur opened the separation ward.

Kochi Health Department’s emergency meeting! Kochi experts have also launched this state to work on tackling outbreaks in Kozikod and Malappuram districts, including former Chief Health Secretary Rajiv Sadanandan. The minister himself is traveling to Kochi. According to the Hindustan Times, a team from experts from Kochi also flies.

He said, “If anyone gets the opportunity to make a contract with him, then we are taking steps to quickly detach and deal with them, we are working on the instructions of the Prime Minister and he has requested us to make all necessary arrangements.”

“There is no need to fear the man, this young man has fever for ten days, at the same time, there is no such a serious incident in any other form, it is a relief, but if someone is from chronic cough or encephalitis, it is a hospital. To be armed by the experience, “he added.

കൊച്ചിയില്‍ നിപ സ്ഥിരീകരിച്ചു | Nipah Virus 

Local media said that Yuvraj was studying in a college in the Idukki district of Kerala and had taken Thirushur for the internship course some days back, after which he became ill. “We contacted 22 people from Thirushur and there is no problem with them, but we have kept six of them as primary preparations. It seems that the virus originated in EduKake,” District Medical Officer K J Rina said, Thrusu.

nipah virus latest news 2019

Nipah outbreak in 2011 was the single largest health crisis in Kerala. Informs Khabar, an official from Kochi Hospital told that people who are reluctant to disclose names are calling to hospital officials and are searching for the location of the person admitted to isolate the area. It was almost the same scene in the same time in 2018, which inspired a top director to create a movie that was released on next weekend.


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